Reboot, Projects

Let’s start at the beginning.

No, on second thought, I’m a “start reading half-way in” kind of guy. I’ve had blogs for different projects in the past. Then things would happen. Calamity. Rinse. Repeat.

So, sometimes I’m a musician. Sometimes a software developer. Sometimes a game designer. Sometimes an amateur roboticist. Sometimes an artist. These sometimes are often scattered across many somewheres.

Enter Potter’s Notes, a catch-all bin for everything. Or another short-lived experiment adding to a massive digital graveyard.

To get things started, let’s talk about the Durovis Dive. Your smartphone as a VR HMD? Indeed! Though a certain other company has been getting all the press recently, the folks at Durovis gave us the OpenDive as early as 2012. They have since been hard at work providing an excellent Unity plugin and expanding device support.  Have a look at the many Dive Games apps available for Android and iOS. If you’re like me, you’ll dig out your Tool 10,000 days CD to take it for a test drive.

Mobile devices as virtual reality accessories offer an amazing opportunity: the first real chance VR technology has had at gaining wider appeal and acceptance. Oculus Rift certainly offers a nice dedicated device, one that will enjoy good company in the VR graveyard, but this? Oh, Durovis, you’ve got my attention. There is no fantasy leading to one of the bigger disappointments of the 90s. Instead, I have it right in my pocket, right now, at no additional cost.

One of my old simulation projects is getting quite a reboot indeed.


Because the dust always settles